Asda Free From Favourites – My Review

When Asda asked if I’d be interested in receiving a hamper of their new free from range I jumped at the chance! Who wouldn’t?

What arrived was more than I could have ever imagined – a wicker basket filled to the brim of Gluten Free Goodies that I couldn’t wait to dive into.

The Free From Pizza and Llama Biscuit kits are a stroke of genius and turned out really well despite my 7 year old nephews helping me make them!! Haha!

They loved cutting out and decorating the llama biscuits and they said the pizza was the best they’d ever tasted.

As a keen cook and baker I love how these kits give you the same satisfying experience of making them from scratch but at the same time offering the convenience of having everything pre-measured and needing the addition of only a few household staples such as butter or oil. The pizza kit even contains the ingredients for the tomato sauce!

Next up we dived into the Free From Unicorn Cupcakes that I have to say rival my own homemade version and I could have happily eaten more than one if they hadn’t already been gobbled up by my Non-Gluten Free family. The sponge was rich but light and the amount of butter icing on top was perfect, we were all licking our lips and the paper cases by the end – a sign of true satisfaction!!

The fourth and final Asda own brand item in the hamper was the Free From Animal Biscuits that took me back to my childhood.

5 small packets of chocolate flavoured shortbread perfect for kiddies and adult lunchboxes alike. They were great on their own but even better dunked into tea. I’ve already been back to Asda to but another bag!

Now on to some of their newly stocked items from other brands.

My number one has to be the beetroot wraps by Warburtons. They’re hands down the best gluten free wraps I’ve tried. They were perfectly malleable whilst being thin and not too floury – completely the opposite to the other gluten free wraps out there at the moment. I had mine filled with hummus and roasted veggies for lunches in the week, but I can’t wait to buy some more and make fajitas with them.

Schar have also recently released some new additions to their range and I’m pleased to see that Asda are stocking them (they’re still the only supermarket where I can find the pack of frozen Schar Gluten Free Rolls).

The Sweet Brioche Rolls are actually something I’ve tried before and are now my go-to weekend breakfast treat – I cut them in two, lightly toast them and then slather them in butter and homemade jam!! Heaven on a plate.

The Mini Dipper was another trip down memory lane, taking me back to my childhood where I’d dunk the breadsticks into the gooey chocolate sauce. It’s a triumph that these exist in Gluten & Wheat Free form – they tasted just like I remember.

The Chocolix are a pack of 5 individually wrapped chocolate biscuits with a gooey caramel filling. I don’t feel ashamed to say that I had two in one sitting! Another perfect Gluten & Wheat Free lunchbox idea for when you get the 3 o’clock munchies.

Ending on a new favourite now that I’ve had the chance to taste them is the Schar Gluten Free tempties – 3 individually wrapped luxurious chocolates that are a lot like my old Christmas favourite – Ferrero Rocher!

I can definitely see me stocking up on boxes and boxes of these come Christmas!! Hands off family, these ones are all mine.

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