ALO Drinks – My Review

The lovely team at ALO UK kindly sent me 12 of their Aloe Vera drinks recently to chill, enjoy and let them know my favourite. I was over the moon to try them as they all contain natural aloe vera juice, hand cut big aloe vera pulp chunks, and are gluten free, fat free and contain no artificial colours or preservatives. The perfect way to rehydrate after a session at the gym!

Their aloe vera comes from a sustainable farm in Thailand and they say their processing methods assures “Goodness From Inside Out” which is no surprise given the health benefits of aloe vera include being good for digestion and boosting your immune system.

As an added bonus you can also go online and listen to ALO tones as they have created music for each flavour – such a unique and creative thing to do!

My friends and I shared the last few bottles yesterday after lunch and it would seem I saved the best to last as the ones we tried yesterday were by far and away my favourites and my friends loved them too, likening the consistency of the large aloe vera pulp to bubble tea, which we love!

I can now reveal my top three favourites as follows (drum roll please):-

ALO Top 3

  1. ALLURE – By far and away our favourite flavour, this is a mix of aloe vera, mangosteen and mango and has a sweet exotic aroma and taste. Such a beautiful flavour combination.
  2. COMFORT – A mix of aloe vera, water melon and peach this was so light and refreshing, perfect on a summers day like yesterday.
  3. AWAKEN – It was a tough call between this and COMFORT for second and third place in my favourite lists as whilst I loved the flavour of this aloe vera and wheatgrass combination, the aroma of wheatgrass just doesn’t match those peachy and watermelon notes of the COMFORT drink. This is such as good combination though and a perfect way to get both the health benefits of aloe vera and wheat grass in to one flavoursome drink!

The other combinations that just didn’t make it into my top three, but that may make into yours are as follows:-

  • SPRING – aloe vera plus mulberry, cranberry, blueberry and red grapes.
  • CRISP – aloe vera plus fuji apple and pear.
  • APPEAL – aloe vera plus pomelo, lemon and pink grapefruit.
  • ESCAPE – aloe vera plus pineapple, guava and seabuckthorn berry.
  • ENRICH – aloe vera plus pomegranate and cranberry.
  • EXPOSED – aloe vera plus honey.

ALO Light (less sugar than ALO original)

  • BRIGHT – aloe vera plus orange and passion fruit.
  • REFRESH – aloe vera plus cucumber and cantaloupe melon.
  • EXPOSED – aloe vera plus honey.

They really do have something for everybody here and if you’re eager to try them, you can pick these up in Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, Holland & Barrett or add them to your Ocado order!

I’d love to know if you’ve tried these and what your favourite flavour combination is?


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